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William Lee Harris, M.D.

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Lab tests not only identify potential health risks before they become severe, but they also help diagnose and manage diseases. At his practice in Charleston, West Virginia, Dr. William Harris offers in-office labs at a COLA-certified facility that’s nationally-recognized for its excellence. COLA #008145 CLIA #51D0234283. Working with two ASCP-certified medical technologists, Dr. Harris proudly offers this premium service during your visit. For the most advanced care with a compassionate doctor you can rely on and the convenience of an accurate in-office lab, call Dr. Harris to schedule an appointment today. He also services the communities of South Charleston, Cross Lanes, Saint Albans, Huntington, Vienna, Summersville, Madison, Clay, Sutton, Fayetteville, Logan, WV.

In Office Labs Q & A

What is a blood test?

Blood tests are performed to evaluate your organ system function and identify signs of diseases like high blood cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. During your appointment, Dr. Harris decides which blood tests are right for you given your symptoms and medical history.

  • Blood enzyme tests: Look for organ damage or disease
  • Lipoprotein panel: Evaluate your cholesterol for heart disease risks
  • Blood chemistry panel: Review your metabolism and chemical balance
  • Blood clotting tests: Identify risks of blood clots or bleeding in your blood vessels

What tests does an in-office lab offer?

ASCP-certified medical technologists perform all the blood and other lab tests at Dr. Harris' Cola-certified in-office lab.

Blood sugar

This test measures glucose in the blood. It’s used to manage or diagnose diabetes.

Urine analysis

Also known as urinalysis, this test looks for disorders like diabetes, kidney disease, and urinary tract infections.


There are several types of chemistry panels for evaluating your general health. A few chemistry panels Dr. Harris might request include:

  • A basic metabolic panel (BMP) to check your respiratory system and kidneys
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) similar to a BMP, but also measures liver and blood proteins
  • Electrolyte panel: looks for electrolyte and fluid imbalance
  • Lipid panel: evaluate risks of cardiovascular disease


This blood test is used to see if type 1 and type 2 diabetes are being effectively controlled.

Complete blood count

One of most common blood tests is a CBC. This test helps identify disorders in your immune system, blood, and bone marrow, as well as other issues like dehydration, inflammation, infections, and anemia.

Dr. Harris can also use a CBC to evaluate the effectiveness of your medications.

What can I expect with in-office labs?

For your convenience, Dr. Harris has a COLA-certified, state-of-the-art lab on-site. This facility has received national attention for its excellence, and under the leadership of Dr. Harris, his ASCP-certified medical technologists ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible.

In-office labs typically require little preparation, but sometimes require fasting for eight to 12 hours beforehand. If fasting is needed, Dr. Harris provides instructions.

During your blood test, a lab technician draws a sample of blood from either your arm or finger. Blood draws are usually quick, but the needle can cause mild discomfort. If you receive a urine analysis, you provide the lab with a urine sample at the time of your appointment.

Following a lab analysis, Dr. Harris contacts you if additional action is required.

To schedule in-office labs, call William L. Harris, MD today.